The History of Arnold Parreco & Sons

In 1950, Arnold Parreco started his own excavation and grading company with one truck, one machine, and a dream.
Arnold Parreco began his excavation career working for his father's contracting business - James Parreco & Sons - with his brothers Ted, William, and Edward from 1937-1950. Their work primarily consisted of excavation and utility installation.

Arnold was the 2nd generation of the family in construction dating back to the family’s native home in the province of Abruzzi, Italy. His father, James Parreco, immigrated to the US in 1898 and worked as a stone mason before becoming a general contractor and raising his family near Greensboro, Pennsylvania. James left his mark on the town of Greensboro as there is still a church and school that he built out of stone, by hand, utilizing a traditional Italian keystone construction method.

In keeping with the family tradition, Arnold went on to start his own excavation and grading company in 1950 with one machine: a 22B Bucyrus Erie Shovel. He worked by himself for local builders digging basements in the DC Metropolitan area. His wife, Margaret, helped by delivering fuel for the machine in a 55 gallon drum on a 1948 Ford Pickup Truck.

In the early days, Arnold only owned one pair of work boots and had to put them in the oven to dry each night before work the next day. As years progressed and the business grew, Arnold purchased additional equipment and the decision was made to form a partnership with Carl Haass, a co-employee and friend from his time working for his father's business.
So, in 1952 Arnold Parreco & Carl Haass officially formed their partnership and created the 'Arnold Parreco & Haass Excavation Company' with their office in the basement of Arnold’s home on 18th Street, NE, Washington, D.C.

As the business grew, the office and shop needed to grow as well, so the business moved to a new property just outside of DC, inside the capitol beltway in Hyattsville, Maryland. The company was then officially incorporated in 1954.

In 1965, Arnold's eldest son, James “Pete” Parreco, joined the company as a full time employee and was followed by his brother, Arnold Philip Parreco, in 1969 as an accountant.In 1977, Arnold & Carl decided to divide the company into two entities which marked the official birth of Arnold Parreco & Sons. Carl decided at the time to go into business with his son-in-law, David Broyles, and they created Haass & Broyles.

When Arnold became a grandfather in the late 1960's, he earned the nickname that many people went on to know him by: "Pappy." Many stories still circulate in the Parreco family about Pappy and his unique history and life.

In the early 1990’s the next generation of Parrecos began working for the family business. Philip’s sons, Richard "Rick" and Arnold Nicholas "Nick", as well as Pete’s son, Jason, joined the company full-time.

Most Parreco family members spent time working for Arnold Parreco & Sons over the years, providing some with their first job experience at a very young age. Eventually Pete and Philip retired and the company was passed on to the next generation of Parrecos. 

In early 2012, Jason Parreco took over as the sole remaining family member in the business, which represents the 4th generation of Parreco and Vincenzo family history in the contracting industry dating back to the mid 1800's in Abruzzi, Italy. Soon after taking over the family legacy, he moved the headquarters to Brandywine, and has continued to thrive with large scale excavation and grading projects in the DC Metro area.

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